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Looking for a more holistic approach, but can't afford a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach? Check out our online series, a curated fitness destination with a wide range of both unlimited live and on-demand workout classes and short tips (such as a quick how-to on mindful eating, breathing techniques), ranging from rebounding fitness and meditation to Total-body Strength training and life coaching that you can watch anywhere. You can even discuss goals, technique, and progress on your time with their pro teachers and coaches through the built-in messaging system.


Outdoor Workouts (Covid-19 Safe)

Workout at The Pan Pacific Park on Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.  (Free Parking)

Our outdoor workouts have been specifically been modified to be within the safety guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Same intensity, same amount of fun, just being safe and you will love being ouitdoors.

You get to workout with your own equipment, in your own designated area, that is shaded by trees and in a semi-private area of the park.Bring your own fitness equipment or rent from us and bundle it onto your pricing plan.

Workouts have cardio intervals, mobility & stability, total body strength training with balance and co-ordination designed to challenge your body.

We spend the last part of the workout in  a mindfulness meditation and stretch. 

Each workout takes about an hour and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Meet weekdays on:

Monday / Wednesday / Friday @  5:30pm

and on weekends:

Saturday @ 9:30am 

Come join our supportive community, feel safe and get the best workout with our qualified coaches. 


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West Hollywood, CA, 90046 USA