This is one of the most carefully crafted workouts that I've attended. After three workouts my arms, Ab's and butt are all firmer. Thanks JumpFit!

P. Pandy

What I really do like about The Academy is that it's not only a 'in and out' type of personal training session. There's a community feeling and everyone knows my name!

S. Stone

No matter your age, The Academy is suited for everyone. I really can afford personal training now!

The Fitness Academy at MFitt is amazing. I’m generally not a class type of guy but this is it a class! It’s personal training just with a few more people. They had cool towels as in cold towels at the end for meditation! It was awesome!  So worth your time and again it’s so reasonably priced!

J. McKenzie

M. Mahony

O.M.G.  I have never worked so hard & seen such results. Each class is different...yet cardio, strengthen training, isolation​ work & yoga/pilates are constant.  It is truly the best workout series in the LA area.  Marc, the instructor, really challenges the group.  I want to die at times yet he keeps me going.  Did I mention his accent? ;-)

I leave with "OMG - I did it!!!" pride and a smile after each and every class.

Note:  he offers a 'dark class' which is really cool.  A bit gothic with the lights, intensity....give it a shot.

The academy pushed me to accomplish  things I didn't think was possible. Marc (head coach) provides guidance, support and encouragement. Failure is not an option.

R. Rosey

I Dankberg.

My body is truly more powerful than I could ever imagine!

Stephanie K.



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