Monday & Friday @ 6 PM

A challenging mix of intense, dynamic core stabilizing exercises using planks, sliders, light ankle / wrist weights and HiTT cardio intervals.

This class runs outdoors at The Pan Pacific Park (weather permitting) and follows the CDC safety guidelines for COVID-19. 

TYPE: Online

EQUIPMENT: Mat, Rebounder & weighted bean bag

LEVEL: All are welcome to attend


Wednesday @ 6 PM

This class is an endurance-specific training option based on the foundation of our regular workouts. The Endurance program provides clients with the coaching and training they need to excel in their training. Mastering technique before intensity is priority. As a result, this minimizes injuries because volume is only applied to training when it meets your needs and capabilities. This class focuses on improving overall technique through sprint, endurance & agility work. All workouts will be modified to your level of experience, so need to feel left out.

TYPE: Online
EQUIPMENT: Resistance Tube / band, Rebounder & Mat

LEVEL:   All fitness levels are welcome to attend


Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm

This workout is designed to specifically target tight muscles and improve posture. A light rolling session, including stretches to open the chest, tight hips as well as forearms and stressed out necks.

Use your vibration massager at the end to get deep into tight muscles and finish off with a mindful meditation.

TYPE: Online

EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Foam Roller and Vibrator Massager
LEVEL: All Levels