The Benefits of a Trampoline Workout and Rebounding

Many people first fall in love with trampolines as children, but did you know that a trampoline workout can benefit adults just as much as they bring joy to the little ones?

It’s true. In addition to being fun, a trampoline workout, also known as rebounding, has many great health benefits — particularly for your lymphatic system.

For instance, did you know that rebounding can burn more calories than walking or jogging?

Or that it’s a great way to work your major muscle groups because it allows you to work them through their full ranges of motion? Or that it’s downright fun and you feel like a kid again.

A trampoline workout can also strengthen your entire body while detoxifying the cells within it. Plus, it’s a low-impact exercise option that’s very easy on the joints — something you cannot do running.

While you may think the type of large trampolines you seen in backyards may be a bit much, there are small versions that can fit right in your living room and are easy to store. Go check out:

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happy jumping!

So get ready to jump around and improve your health all at the same time.


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