Spotty WiFi Perhaps?

Here’s some quick fixes for spotty WiFi

There's nothing more annoying than dealing with buffering WiFi. Here are a few ideas that may help you quickly fix your spotty or slow WiFi connections.

  1. Update software: Check if your WiFi router and/or modem needs any software updates.

  2. Move the router: If your router is at a far end of your home from where you need WiFi, try to move the router closer to where you want service.

  3. Declutter: Make sure there’s not a lot of clutter around your router and try to move it to reduce the number of walls it’s signal needs to travel through.

  4. Upgrade your internet: You may need a faster internet package from your service provider. Your new service may also include a new modem and/or router that provides a more rapid speed.

  5. Use an ethernet cable: If any of your heavy-usage devices are near your router, consider connecting them via an ethernet cable to get them off your WiFi and lessen the load on the wireless portion of your network.

  6. Reset: Try a factory reset. Reset your modem and router to the factory settings and start over from scratch.

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